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Hand of Fate Series

In 2015 Brisbane video game development studio Defiant Development published their first game for PC and consoles: "Hand of Fate".

It was a fresh, unique take on action-RPGs built around a mysterious Dealer who challenges you to survive his combat trials, which are unveiled in the form of storytelling cards.

I was honored to have been chosen to design the storytelling cards, and worked to develop a style which evoked the feeling of the woodcut illustrations of the European middle-ages.

Hand of Fate proved a surprise indie hit, thanks to Defiant's incredibly visionary and talented team, and we have now produced an award-winning sequel as well as a board game from Rule & Make:

 'Hand of Fate: Ordeals'.

Thanks to the 3D design wizardry of Emma Koch, Chris Webb and Dan Treble, the cards came to gorgeous life, guiding you through the amazing world Defiant knit together.  It's been a dream come true to be part of the magic!

 " It’s not hard to be excited about collecting cards when they’re so  beautiful. The entire aesthetic of Hand of Fate 2 is spectacular, though not surprising considering its predecessor. "

Alayna Cole, PC Power Play


"The card art is an absolute delight; no matter how many times you see them they are always a joy"

Alan Jones, Quillstreak

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